My name is James Tang  living in Dublin, Ireland.

I am an ordinary man but love to take a photo very much. Taking photos make me happy and soothes my soul. 

Whenever I found something interesting and beautiful, I simply shoot a photograph with my  pocket cam or cell phone (Samsung  S4),a fabulous device that is dependably with me and at some point altered with applications and show to the world. 

May be it is not perfect, but it is a nice hobby that make me happy and may be inspiring you.

My photography is about the beauty that is everywhere.

Apart from the Photo Diary and gallery, on this blog you will find a good articles, tricks and tips related to Photography and content behind the photos as well. 

All Pictures are taken by me unless stated otherwise. If you would like to use or buy any of them, please email me:premireland@gmail.com

          Hope you enjoy and like it. 
          Please have a look around.