Thursday, February 26, 2015

Don't have a big camera no problems,Just shoot a photo with your smartphone


Welcome to "Just shoot a photo" with smartphone.

My name is James Tang from Dublin, Ireland.

I am an ordinary man but love to take a photo very much. Taking photos make me happy and soothes my soul. 

I don't have any professional camera. All of my photography showing here taken from my Smartphone. (Samsung S4)

Whenever I found something interesting and beautiful, I just shoot a photo with my pocket camera or smartphone, edited with apps and show to the world.

I took a lot of pictures and used to show them on facebook but found that facebook was no longer the place to show them all.  So I decided to create my own blog, a little place where I could display all of my work.

My photography is about the beauty that is everywhere.

All Pictures are taken by me unless stated otherwise. If you would like to use or buy any of them, please email me:

Hope you enjoy and like it. Please have a look around.