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How to effectively plan a travel photography trip. 

Travel photography is fun. You get paid to do the two things you love most. Travelling and taking photos. 

     You do not have to be a professional to take part in travel photography. You can be an armature photography and still enjoy the fun associated with travel photography.

What is travel photography ?

     If you are interested in travel photography, the first thing is to know what it is all about. 

   Travel photography involves travelling around the world taking pictures of some of the worlds most beautiful sceneries.

   As a travel photographer, hotel rooms and airport terminals are your home.

     Preparing for a photography trip is not easy. There are some very 4 important things that you need to take into consideration. These include, 

1. The destination- 

     You need to know your destination beforehand. Choose a destination that has something that needs to be shown to the world. To get more information about the best destinations for travel photography, you can do a simple Google search or book here.

 After you determine your
destination, use Google maps to visually case the area. Google maps is a good way to know the geographical location of your destination, accommodation and the weather.

You need to ensure that the area you are going has adequate accommodation. As you are constantly o the go, you need to know how to arrange for accommodation through the internet. Getting the  right accommodation may be a little difficult, but with the right resources. 

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 3. Your gear- 
      Of course you are not going for a sight seeing trip. You are going for a photography session. You need to carry you camera, tripod and lenses. The type of lenses you carry will be determined by the camera you are using.
    Avoid carrying bulky equipment as they will make your trip tiresome. Cary light weight cameras. And when planning the gear to bring along to your trip, do not forget that your smartphone is a camera too. 

In fact most modern smart phones have better resolution than even some cameras. Ensure that you have a back up option ready in case you lose your gear. For back up, you can use cloud service. 

If you are going to a remote place with a poor internet connection, you can invest in an external hard disk.


 4. The culture of the people-  

Another important aspect to consider when preparing for a travelling photography trip is the culture of the place you are visiting. 

Knowing the culture before hand is important so that you can know how to easily interact with the locals.

When you go for a travel photography trip, the best way to familiarize yourself with the area is to take a sightseeing trip around your destination. You can go to local museums, tourist attractions and so on. 

      This will help give you inspiration on how to best capture the beauty of your subjects. 

It is also a way to get familiar with your destination and the culture of the locals.

Planning and make preparations you to ultimately exploring the world and you'll find the advantage of Traveling photography provide you with renew your body and spirit.

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