Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tips For Taking Better Photos With Your Smartphone

Cropping instead of Zooming.

For professional photographers you may prefer to use DSLR cameras, but for most of us today you are just getting a photo with Smartphone that is easy and always with us.

But the problems with smartphone's camera is the more you zoom in, the more you lose detail. because there is no physically lens to move in to magnify the image like it does on Digital cameras or DSLR cameras. 

You will notice that as soon as you start zooming by pinching, the photos simply become a blur and lose detail.

In the event that you would like to concentrate or zoom on something in particular. I recommend to do this...

1. Get close to the Subject as close as you can. 

2. Take a normal photograph.

3. Go to photo gallery on you phones and then cropping on something that you want in particular.  

By doing so you will have a better shot that look good and may be great. Sometime I create my artist photography by this way as well.

Cropping allows you to enlarge the image while still retaining a decent amount of resolution to make the photo a good one.

Surprisingly by cropping, you will get more than one photo from just one shot that you took.

Try it and you can make better Photos with  just your Smartphone.

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